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earn money writing amazon reviews offers comprehensive advisory services focused on maximizing the value of financial assets. whether the objective is to generate gains, restructure current operations, improve key ratios, or eliminate problem assets we can be of tremendous help. our team evaluates, plans, organizes, and integrates the resources necessary to achieve your mission. from strategic considerations, through pre-sale review, marketing, closing, and post sale transfer, our process is very effective. utilizing our marketing process, the selling institution limits the data gathering process to one time and limits the due diligence process to only those investors offering an acceptable price. our process is conducted on a confidential basis, whereby the seller's name is not disclosed until the seller has accepted an offer. marketing is conducted on a national, as well as a local level. you will sell the assets at the highest market price with minimal impact to current operations.

typical asset marketing projects have included:

1-4 residential loans
income property loans
multifamily loans
consumer loans (auto, rv, boats, home equity, unsecured)
credit cards
equipment leases
loan participations
sub-performing / non-performing

earn money writing amazon reviews

the primary steps we use to obtain the maximum market value for a portfolio of financial assets are:

strategic assessment - we work with the selling institution to determine the primary strategic objective and to determine the most effective means to the achieve that objective.

pre-sale review - prior to marketing the assets, we like to insure that there are no surprises in the portfolio by working with the selling institution to audit and review several key areas including; loan documents, underwriting, servicing, and all related systems.

estimated value - prior to commencing our sale process we will provide an estimate of the expected market price. however, there is only one true way to determine the current market value and that is to get the product out to the market.

packaging - we start the process by reviewing the loans and stratifying them into pools targeted to specific markets. we develop a comprehensive information package for use in the marketing process.

marketing - we solicit interest in the loans from our 1,200+ established clients who are specifically interested in the offered asset type. we expend a considerable amount of effort targeting those clients expressing an interest in the loans with a more detailed information package and a very strong marketing effort. our efforts are done on a confidential basis, where the seller is not identified until an offer has been accepted by the seller.

offers - we present all offers with our recommendation for the sellers review.

due diligence - after receiving an acceptable offer, we coordinate with the winning party for a final due diligence review of the assets.

close - we then assist with the contract and closing process, as needed, to ensure everything goes smoothly.

if you are considering the sale of financial assets, please contact us for more information and to see how we can be of benefit.
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